Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mad Rush: Lorick, Rachel Comey Fall '09

Fashion Week is happening so fast that I can barely keep track of all the good shows! To save time and space, I'm going to consolidate my Lorick and Rachel Comey shows into one comprehensive post. I only attended Lorick, which was reviewed with unenthusiasm for the most part. I would have to agree to some extent-- the majority of the looks were a bit bland, and I felt the show only picked up toward the end when some more colorful, playful pieces were shown. However, I loved the creativity behind the makeup (thick smoky cat-eye eyeliner and baby-pink lipstick) and the accordian player who provided the music (each attendee got a copy of his CD, which was specially made for the show). Below is my favorite Lorick Fall '09 outfit, and my Rachel Comey overview! Keep scrollin'!

On to Rachel Comey, which I personally loooved. Then again, in my eyes she can do no wrong! I loved the thick layers in each look, and the abstract headwraps--some of it looked a bit reminiscent of Grey Gardens! Here are some of my favorite styles:

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