Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nice n' Easy: Missoni+Burberry Fall '09

So far in Milan, the theme seems to be an easy-going, carefree, and unpretentious kind of beauty. Missoni cozied up to layered knits and wraps.......while Christopher Bailey of Burberry Prorsum continued his legacy of understated elegance. These are the kind of clothes a girl could live in!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Boy's Club: Siri Johansen's Knitwear

After a full day of fact-checking Nylon Guys' articles, I've got menswear on the brain! One designer I really like: Siri Johansen. Straight out of the Royal College of Art (UK), she started working at Burberry Prorsum as an assistant knitwear designer, which means she's got talent. Here's an image from her graduate show, which featured really slick designs with great, wearable patterns.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heaven Scent: Mary Katranzou

A first look at Mary Katranzou's Fall '09 show might have you praising the architectural designs and beautiful jewel tones in her pieces. But a second look provides a much more fascinating view--blown up images of perfume bottles that have been printed on silk for each piece. While I could do without the makeup on those models, I think every look in her collection was thought-provoking and wonderfully whimsical!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cut n' Paste: Cutouts for Spring

Saw Sophomore's lookbook pics up on Bona Drag and had to post about these flirty dresses they have coming in! A bit slutty? I don't really care--I'm up for a little show of skin this summer. I am, however, quite perplexed about how to wear undergarments with these looks. Anyways, American Apparel should take a hint and create a cheaper version! Here's my girl Judi Rosen in one of her peacock-print cut-out dresses below, looking positively foxy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Knotted Up: Louise Goldin Fall '09

Louise Goldin always miraculously creates something hard-edged and futuristic out of something traditional and soft--knitwear! Her Fall '09 collection showed fabulous breadth considering the limitations of using only shades of black. I thought everything was damn sexy! Lots of eye-catching party dresses, shot through with luminous thread, as well.

Witchcraft: Anne-Sofie Back Fall '09

And I thought Morgan Le Fay's show was reminiscent of The Craft! Anne-Sofie Back continues the gothic trend with (what I thought) was a jaw-droppingly beautiful and creepy show. She took off where Luella left off for Fall '08, adding dreamcatchers (gasp!), crushed velvet, feathers, and slashed fabric to the mix. I can honestly say that I loved every piece in the collection. Please view it all here, it's too good to miss.

Like a Prayer: Sinha-Stanic Fall '09

Sinha-Stanic turned out some fascinating prints for Fall, and some amazing cropped shaggy vests as well. A bit of a subversive, decidedly European religious vibe permeated the collection, as well as one pair of oxblood heeled Doc Martens (that Chloe Sevigny has been spotted wearing everywhere). Genius styling on their part!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

London Calling: Charles Anastase Fall '09

London Fashion Week has me excited to the bursting point! There are so many amazing emerging designers in London right now, and I can't wait to see more groundbreaking designs from the likes of Gareth Pugh, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Luella--some of my favorite designers. Geek chic stayed strong at Charles Anastase this weekend, but this time around it was the early 90's stoner kind of look that dominated. Grungy flannels and hand-inscribed t-shirts abounded, but it was the interesting mix of clashing colors, shimmery fabrics, and rich velvet pieces that had me hooked. PS- Gentlemen, you'll get just as much enjoyment out of the men's looks Anastase debuted!

An Affair to Remember: Lace for Spring

Prada started a lace craze when Miuccia sent her models out in lace dresses, tops, pants, and everything else imaginable last February. Now I'm just warming up to the trend, and thankfully there's still plenty of lace possibilities for spring. I'm loving these Scout LA lace leggings (above) which are edgy but still pretty, and Amelia Lindquist's charming cropped pocket top. And what could be sexier than a lace bodysuit with a snap crotch, via Topshop?!

Like A Rock: LD Tuttle Spring Footwear

I always love what LD Tuttle has to offer--first, those sculptural stacked heels are to die for, and the designer always adds an interesting twist to her styles, whether it's cut-outs, feathers, or pronounced stitching. It's almost impossible for me to afford her higher priced line, but Colonial Madness, her Urban Outfitters line (above), is just as satisfyingly edgy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bullish Behavior: Julian Louie

Wow, I've never heard of Julian Louie but I absolutely love his Fall collection. It's very reminiscent of Balenciaga, which is probably why I like it so much, and very Spanish-influenced with a lot of matador looks. Everything is precision cut and expertly constructed, and I really like the paneling and peplum detailing, as well as the subtle hint of sparkle that showed up here and there. This is a collection that deserves a lot more attention than it probably got. View the rest of the collection here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All But A Dream: Marchesa Fall '09

Marchesa creates fantasy for the little girl inside of me, and beauty for those who never want to hear that ugly word "recession" again. I was absolutely smitten with this collection, which brought to mind fairy tales and medieval tapestry. I love this first look, with a pattern that incorporates two unicorns with crossed horns. Absolutely breathtaking.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shoe Addict: Opening Ceremony Footwear

Opening Ceremony added their label's footwear line to the new website, and boy am I salivating! There are some real winners in this bunch.

Short and Sweet: Built By Wendy for Spring

They say true love never dies, and I'd agree--my romance with Built By Wendy is going stronger than ever! Here are some enticing sneak peeks at Wendy's spring collection (a mix of look book and web store pictures), which is filled with easy, breezy, beautiful pieces.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Earth Mother: Rodarte Fall '09

I absolutely love Rodarte's new collection--such a great combination of textures and colors. It seems very of the earth, and gorgeous in a perfectly imperfect kind of way....

Make Believe: Erin Fetherston Fall '09

Viewing images from Erin Fetherston's show was like stepping into a fairytale. Everything had a whimsical, spun-sugar look to it. And I loved those owl and kitty masks!