Thursday, March 12, 2009

Style Revolution: Riot Grrrls

I watched an amazing series of clips about riot grrrl history in the 80s and 90s yesterday, via Jezebel. It got me so excited about girls, and music, and social activism. Not to mention these girls were hot! They were totally unafraid and unabashed when it came to anything in their lives--including what they wore. And while the founding members of this movement would probably hate on me for mentioning their fashion, I can't help but notice how revolutionary they looked. Creating a style all their own that would eventually be called "Kinderwhore" by some, they wore everything from slashed babydoll dresses and nighties to clunky maryjanes, beat-up cropped tees, and quirky vintage duds. By reappropriating and subverting "feminine" looks, they wore their politics on their sleeve--literally.

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